3 years teaching Vietnamese for adults and children( from 8 years old) from countries such as America, Australia, England, Canada, Finland, Brazil, Slovakia, Japan, Korea, Uzbekistan, Thailand, ect + Expertise: all levels, all skills; Communicative and business Vietnamese.
- Northern accent + Southern accent - Degree: TOPIK level 4
4-year experience in teaching Vietnames to Japanese expats, I commited to guide, support and inspire you every step of the way.
Have 4 years experience teaching high-level for CEO, Director foreigners: General of the republic of Korea in HCM city and Director in foreigner company: Korea Company:(Ksure),Woori Bank, import export Chinese Company, Singapore ….in D1,D7,D2,D5…
- Teaching experiences: 1 year experiences in teaching Vietnamese for foreign people from different countries such as Korea, France, Japan, etc. - Provide both Offline and Online classes.
I have valuable chances to be a Vietnamese teacher for oversea people dwelling in Vietnam and with various levels from preschoolers to adults, originally coming from Singapore, Korea, China - you name it, since 2022. I additionally teach some other languages including English and Chinese to Vietnamese since 2017.
Taught (offline) primary school subjects from 2005 to 2007. Taught (offline) literature and English for secondary school from 2007 to 2008. Provided (offline) training for labor export workers from 2007 to 2010. Conducted (online) English classes for secondary school students from 2019 to present.
Teaching to all Vietnamese learners from students to businessmen whose nationalities are the UK, Dutch, Polish, German, Italian, Switzerland, Korean, Chinese, Philippines, ...
+5 years experience in teaching language and culture to foreigners who are currently living and working in Vietnam, as well as language exchange students at universities, helping them adapt to life in Vietnam.
Over 1 year of experience teaching Vietnamese (in English) from ABC to advanced levels. Particularly experienced in teaching Vietnamese for communication, children, and Vietnamese proficiency exams
1 year experience teaching for adults and children from Korea, Hongkong and Australia. Teaching form offline. Teacher with Southern accent. Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Administration in Shipping at Maritime College No.2, Certificate in teaching Vietnamese for foreigners at Gotoviki.
5 years of teaching Vietnamese for foreigners. The students come from Korean, American, Germany, Philippines, Malaysia, Ecuador,..
Lecturer at the university with over 10 years of experience. I have been teaching Vietnamese online to an American student. Accent: Northern. Completion of the course 'Teaching Vietnamese as a Foreign Language' at Gotoviki.
More than 1.5 years teaching Vietnamese to Chinese people and 4 years teaching Chinese, i am able help foreigner learn Vietnamese in the most effective way. I'm proficient at Chinese with HSK6.
I have completed the course “Teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language” 2023 and used to teach for Korea students. Teaching method: Online and Offline.
경험: 베트남어 초급, 베트남어 발음을 가르침, 사업 회계에 대한 조교. 가르치는 형식: 올라인. 목소리: 북부. 토픽 4급, gotoviki학당의 외국인을 위한 베트남어 교육 과정 수료증.
+4 years teaching all levels from elementary to exam preparation Teaching materials: text books or self-written. Students come from countries such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, France, Taiwan, etc.
Two years of teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. I bring forth several years of teaching experience at the university level. With a profound understanding of student psychology and their learning needs, I possess the ability to convey complex concepts effectively.
- 한국인을 위한 베트남어 교육 1년동안 경험 - 교육 형태: 온라인과 오프라인 - 남부 목소리 - TOPIK 4 자격증 -원광 대학교 국어국문학과 졸업
- 2023년5월부터 현재까지 Gotoviki어학원에서 한국 사람에게 베트남어를 가르칩니다. 오프라인과 온라인로 진행합니다 - 남부 선생님 - Dai Viet Sai Gon전문대학교를 졸업, 토픽5급.
자격증: 반히엔 대학교에서 한국학과 수석 졸업했습니다 - 토픽: 5급. 가르치는 경력: 2022년 6월부터 지금까지 2022년 6월부터 지금까지 한국인에게 베트남어를 가르칩니다. Deer 한국어 학원에서 초급부터 고급까지 한국어를 2022년부터 가르칩니다
Certificate of completion: The certificate of course “Teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language” issued by Gotoviki Vietnamese Language Center. Together with certificate of course “Teaching Vietnamese as a foreigner language” issued by University of Social Sciences and Humanities (VNUHCM) - Faculty of Vietnamese Studies - Classification: Good.
Taught high-level executives from Samsung, SK, Ksure, Kotra, Kexim bank, etc., from Korea, Japan, America, Australia, Singapore, and more. + 3 years of teaching at a language center. 4 years of tutoring, teaching Vietnamese to international friends.
+ More than 5 years. I have taught many students from countries around the world (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Korea, China,...). +Bachelor of Economics University of Ho Chi Minh City; IELTS 6.0.
6 months of Teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. - Nationality that has taught: American, Indian, Chinese - Teaching method: Online and offline - Teacher with Southern accent * Have a Vietnamese language teaching method certificate from GOTOVIKI.
- Teaching experience: I once had Vietnamese lessons with my English co-worker of the language center where I used to work. Every lesson focused on learning vocabulary related to a topic , the learner ( my colleague).
- More than 2 years of experiences. (more than 1000 hours of teaching) - Nationalities of students: France, Germany, Russia, USA, UK, Canada, Macau, China, Korea, Australia, South Africa, Spain, India - Teaching form: online and offline - Southern voice.
Teaching experience: more than 1 year of teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. The teacher speaks with a Southern accent. Form: online and offline Nationality of students: Singaporean, Korean, overseas Vietnamese Degree: Vietnamese teaching method for foreigners issued by Gotoviki.
I have 4 years of teaching experience, having taught Koreans and people in English-speaking countries in both online and offline forms. I was born and raised in HCM. I speak with South accent. I have a university degree specializing in English teaching from Saigon University.
Nearly 5 years of teaching Vietnamese. + Students: company employees, housewifes, foreigners living in Vietnam and students preparing for Vietnamese Language Proficiency Test for Foreigners of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH).
1 year as a tutor at Ton Duc Thang University language partner class, 2 years as a teacher at Gotoviki Academy + Target students: office workers, students, OPIc certification exam preparation students, overseas Vietnamese, housewives
1 year of teaching experience. Participated in teaching main classes such as pronunciation and beginners for students just starting to learn Vietnamese, as well as elementary - intermediate, communication practicing classes for students who already know Vietnamese.
경력: 2019년부터 2021년까지: 하닝 외국어학원 한국어 강사 2021년부터 현재: 한국에서 한국어 및 베트남어 온라인 수업 진행 2023년부터 현재: GOTOVIKI에서 베트남어 강사 대상: 베트남인, 한국인 수업 진행 형식: 대면 수업, 비대면 수업 수업 진행 언어: 베트남어( 표준어 - 북쪽), 한국어 자격증: 외국어로서의 한국어 교육 전공 교육학 석사 학위 외국어로서의 베트남어 강의 방법 수료증 TOPIK6급
2-year experience teaching 1:1 or 1:2 online and offline • Students taught: Children, students, beginners, intermediate level, office workers, OPIC exam preparation students, etc
Teaching for aiming Vietnamese language proficiency exams ABC, OPIc. + Teaching Vietnamese for kids (from 7 years old), private Vietnamese classes for Korean bussiness’s leader, University professor, Korean students and colleges (Consulate, Kexim Bank, E&M Corp., A&T Corp., CJ, Lotte, Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development, PVEP, Korea International School,…).
- Tutor for elementary Korean and English (2021). - Teaching assistant at a Korean children's center (6/2022). - Vietnamese teacher at Gotoviki Vietnamese language center (10/2022 - present). - Responsible for the Korean-Vietnamese language exchange club LANG VIKO (7/2023 - 9/2023). Has taught Vietnamese to Koreans and Vietnamese children who speak English. - Teaching methods: offline and online. - Southern accent. - Degree/Certification: Bachelor's degree in Korean Studies from HUFLIT University. - TOPIK Level 4. - The teacher has been trained in teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language.
- Teaching experience: Over 1 year of experience teaching - Vietnamese to foreigners. - Teaching method: Offline 1:1 and offline groups of more than 2 people. - Male teacher. - Certification: Topik Level 5. - The teacher has been trained in teaching Vietnamese as a foreign language.
- 2 years of teaching Vietnamese to foreigners. - Nationalities previously taught: South Korea, France, USA, India. - Teaching methods: Online and Offline. - Accent: South accent.