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Administrator, 20/02/2024

What are your first impressions about Vietnam? Culture, people, cuisine, etc. These are some special thing about Vietnam that you may not know (or already know). Let's discover with Gotoviki. 



1.Vietnam is S-shaped:

The rich terrain with a long coastline creates a beautiful S shape. The coastline has a length of 3,260 km stretching from North to South, from Mong Cai - Quang Ninh in the North to Ha Tien in the Southwest, not including peninsulas and large and small islands. In the map, you will easily recognize our beloved Vietnam!


2.Vietnam is one of 6 countries that celebrates Lunar New Year:

Most countries in the world consider New Year (1/1) as the biggest holiday, but for Vietnamese people, Tet is one of the biggest holidays of the year. During these days, people will return home to reunite, worship their ancestors, and clean their homes for a full and smooth new year. Besides Vietnam, there are other countries that also have Lunar New Year such as: China - Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Mongolia.


3.Vietnam is the 2nd in the world of coffee exports:

Perhaps you already know about the popularity of Vietnamese coffee thanks to its irresistible delicious taste that can easily be found at every sidewalk cafe or sit-down cafe. But maybe you don't know that Vietnam ranks 2nd in the world in terms of exporting coffee output? According to statistics, in 2022 from the International Coffee Organization, Vietnam will  be the second country after Brazil in terms of coffee exports, especially Robusta.


4.Vietnam ranks 3rd in the world in rice export: 

In Vietnam, rice is an irreplaceable food in daily meals, or main ingredients in other transformed form of foods like Phở, paper rice,... With an export target of about 5 million tons/year by 2025, Vietnam is expected to rank 3rd in rice export volume, competing with neighboring countries Thailand, India, and China.


5.Vietnam ranks 2nd in motorbike consumption in Southeast Asia:

You are probably familiar with the loud siren on roads in Vietnam. And did you know that after Thailand, Vietnam owns more than 72 million motorbikes, and it is estimated that 72% of the Vietnamese population owns a motorbike, so 1 out of every 3 people has a motorbike. That's why you always see a large number of motorbikes every time you go out with chaotic road conditions during rush hour.


6.Nguyen family accounts for 40% of the population:

Probably more than 10 times you've wondered why there are so many Vietnamese people with the same surname Nguyen. This is one of the 10 most popular family names in the world. For many historical reasons, including dynasties competing for power, a large number of people switched to the Nguyen family name.