20 Feb
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During the Tet holiday, Vietnamese people will dive into many activities like: Cleaning the house, Tet food preparation, New Year’s Eve celebration, wishes exchange, red envelope receiving,... Let's uncover the meaning behind these heart warming customs.
20 Feb
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Discover Ho Chi Minh City's rich history with our guide to the top 7 must-visit historic sites. From the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral to the poignant War Remnants Museum, each location offers a glimpse into the city's diverse past.
20 Feb
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Discover the special things about Vietnam through Gotoviki's vision in terms of culture, people, geography, etc.
20 Feb
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Today, we will learn about the Tet holiday in Vietnam from A-Z. After this post, I will make sure you no longer wonder around Tet. Let’s goooo!
12 Jun
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This spring is the best time for traveling! Kick off the new year with the wonderful tour around Vietnam. Here is the check list for you!