GOTOVIKI is a Vietnamese language language for foreigners with the mission of bringing the beauty of Vietnamese culture, people, and language to friends across the globe. Established and going into operation since 2017, Gotoviki is growing and earning the trust of thousands of students on their journey of learning and exploring Vietnamese. Moreover, Gotoviki is also a reputable institution organizing courses: “Teaching Vietnamese for foreigners\' \', and “Vietnamese teaching methods for children” which supports hundreds of teachers to get closer to the path of teaching Vietnamese to foreigners.


1. Establishment: 

2012: In her final year of university, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Dinh - currently the director of Gotoviki center, had long nurtured the idea of ​​building a Vietnamese language center for foreigners named Gotoviki (Go to Vietnamese Kingdom).

2012 - 04/2017: Director Thu Dinh began laying the foundation for Gotoviki by researching the market, developing specific project ideas, and securing initial investment capital.

05/2017: Go to Vietnamese Kingdom was officially registered and began operating.

04/2017 – 05/2018: The center operated with the goal of teaching Vietnamese to foreigners.

05/2018 – present: Developing and diversifying teaching methods to meet the needs of students such as: Tutoring classes, direct classes at the center, online classes, and a multilingual exchange platform. Additionally, the center is actively developing study materials for both students and teachers, and training teachers to teach Vietnamese to foreigners.

July 20, 2019: The project \"Gotoviki - Vietnamese Language Center\" won first prize in the \"Cùng lên võ đài khởi nghiệp\" competition with a prize worth up to 100 million VND and received 1.5 billion VND in investment from large enterprises.

2024: Gotoviki Language Academy is increasingly asserting its position in Vietnam and in the eyes of foreign students with an expanding number of teachers and participants. With a total of over 50 teachers and a total number of students exceeding 3000.  


2. Students of Gotoviki: 

Gotoviki is so proud to be chosen by large companies and corporations as the place for their employees to learn Vietnamese while living and working in Vietnam. The majority of Gotoviki students are: 80% Korean, 20% other English-speaking foreigners.

Of these, 80% of Korean students are mostly senior leaders such as the consulate general of Consulate General of the Republic of Korean in Ho Chi Minh City; directors, managers, and employees of large corporations. Additionally, there are also overseas students or housewives. 

Businesses and corporations that have cooperated with Gotoviki include:

  • Samho company. 

  • Subsidiary companies of Lotte Corporation: Lotte rental, Lotte Thanh Hai, Lotte Mart, etc.

  • CJ Corporation. 

  • KOICA Vietnam. 

  • AM Korea.

  • Hanbiro. 

3. Gotoviki’s teachers:

Gotoviki Language Academy has a total of over 50 teachers nationwide and abroad. The teacher team from Gotoviki consists of outstanding individuals who have undergone a rigorous selection process and pass the training courses: “Vietnamese teaching methods for foreigners”. Therefore, not only do they have reputable qualifications and certificates, but the teachers also have pedagogical business and handle situations very skillfully.

*For detailed information about teachers, please click the TEACHER section.


4. Contact Information:


  • Tax code: 0314477555
  • Address: 22, Hung Gia Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Phone: (+84) 975241441.
  • Facebook: Gotoviki Vietnamese Language Academy. (link attached). 

Join Gotoviki Language Academy on the journey of discovering and mastering Vietnamese, opening new doors to Vietnam and its people.